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Eye Glass Lenses and Frames

Frame Factory Optical is an optical office in Spokane, WA serving the entire family with eyeglass lenses and eyeglass frames. We have an extensive collection of eyewear from leading brands including Oakley, Silhouette, Koali, Helium and much more. Our two licensed opticians provide unparalleled services including eyeglass fittings and repairs. For all of your vision needs, call today!

Optical Goods

As a family owned and operated optometry center, we offer a variety of visual products. Whether you need multi-focal glasses to help with Presbyopia or progressive lenses for a smooth transition from one focal length to another, our friendly staff can help!

Contact Lenses

At Frame Factory Optical in Spokane, WA, we offer a wide selection of contact lenses for all prescriptions. We have plenty of corrective trial lenses in stock, so you will probably leave with contact lenses on the same day as your fitting appointment. Trust our experienced team for contacts at great prices.

Prescription Sun Glasses

Do you need prescription sunglasses? Prescription sunglasses allow you to see clearly while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. They are much more convenient than regular eyeglasses and are available in a wide variety of fashionable, comfortable styles for men, women, and children. Call us for a convenient appointment at 509-624-5277.

Prescription Eye Glass Lenses

Whether you are near-sighted or far-sighted, Frame Factory Optical can get you the perfect eyeglass lenses for your eyes. Since 1976, our optometrists have been providing the best eye care services to children and adults throughout Spokane. Choose from full frames, rimless frames, and semi-rimless frames. Whatever your style, we have it!

Stop by or call Frame Factory Optical today at 509-624-5277!

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